Solving end user issues with no fuss whilst increasing your margins

Procurri understand the complexities of customer’s IT environment and by using their lengthy expertise to develop solutions for our channel partners, we are able to reassure and offer peace of mind whilst being seen to take care of everything with no hassle or fuss.

End user running legacy systems with no budget ? We can help you sell a solution that your customer has no budget for

How? Procurri will work to reduce the support costs associated with legacy hardware to allow the money saved to be reinvested into newer technologies which lead to improved performance efficiencies for your end user. This means budget is freed up for Cap Ex purchases that were initially out of reach for your end user. The end result is the end user gets new hardware they initially had no budget for, the solutions provider makes margin on both the support provided by Procurri as well as the new equipment they supply via their channel OEM agreement, and the OEM gets a sale they initially wouldn’t have got. - everybody happy!

End user needs to upgrade existing hardware but is conscious of OEM agreements in place?

Not an issue. Procurri can offer OEM-authorised new spares via our authorised parts program. and for end of life equipment, we can offer spares for upgrades that won’t breach any agreements our partners have.

Maybe your customer has set their sights on working with an OEM you don’t have a partner agreement with or any expertise in. Let Procurri help. We will provide you with both hardware and technical support for any OEM that you’re not already affiliated with, and support you throughout, allowing you to expand your product portfolio.

Whatever the perceived issue or hurdle, Procurri are able to work with you collaboratively to find a solution and continue to offer your customer a seamless service.

You can maintain and increase your margins

As end users appreciate the improved service and value you’re able to provide them with, it creates stickiness and increased wallet share. Retaining loyal customers is always imperative and keeping the competition out of your accounts is always a challenge, however using Procurri’s services allows you to do just that.

Procurri can buy back redundant hardware and offer in effect a trade in program that helps to reduce the cost of your new proposals, allowing you to either be more cost effective than a competitor, or to increase margins in the overall proposal.

Return on investment is considerably easier to demonstrate when working with Procurri, and should you need any help with the figures, the team are on-board to help you explain and formulate a comprehensive business case for higher or wider approval and authority.

You’ll be well on the way to happier customers, higher margins and a healthier pipeline in no time at all!

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