There’s still real uncertainty as to what Brexit will look, feel and sound like once it actually happens on 29th March, but there’s one thing you can rely on: Procurri’s high level of service will remain in place.

We have been monitoring the political progress of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union for quite some time, and will continue to do so. As a result, we’ve undergone plenty of business continuity planning to ensure that our services aren’t interrupted – even in the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

Procurri holds significant global product inventory, including a large amount already situated within the UK. The amount held would buffer any short-term impact that a No Deal Brexit may have, but thereafter, we will be utilising our global supply chains, inventories and strategic relationships to maintain our services to the same high level that our customers expect from us now. Our international presence allows us to bypass any delays in transit at borders, increasing customs charges and any additional admin.

What’s more, we’ll be launching a new European base in Germany before 29th March to enable us to manage our European FSL network; should the UK’s exit from the EU require an ‘in-location’ presence. We’ve already negotiated and planned ahead with our OEM partners and have extended our authorised parts provider status to cover our new German entity. This will allow us to ship from the EU-based central warehouses of our OEM partners, no matter where your end user is in the world. You’ll still receive the fantastic accredited products and support you always have. 25% of Procurri’s supply chain exists within the EU, including authorised parts provider relationships with the likes of HP, Fujitsu, IBM and Lenovo, so we understand the importance of being prepared and are going the extra mile to ensure we do so.

We’ve made steps to stockpile our higher volume parts to include an additional months’ worth within our existing warehouses, and we are able to switch our ordering system when required to order and ship from our new EU-based location and ship on the UK; giving us better control of our goods and allowing us to better manage customs charges in a way that’s not always achievable by large companies who work in a way that doesn’t offer such flexibility.

If a No Deal Brexit requires us to work primarily from our EU base for transactions within the Union, you may find our invoices change; but not our service. Invoices will be issued directly from our German business rather than elsewhere – and all transactions within the UK or elsewhere globally will remain the same.

There are a lot of factors still ‘up in the air’ with Brexit, and we understand the anticipation and trepidation toward it. However, we are confident that our forward thinking and comprehensive planning puts us in the best possible position to continue to deliver the unbeatable services that exceed our customer’s expectations and fulfil their needs time and time again.

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