The IT industry has changed in the last 15 years as technology has innovated, increased and interconnected, and the role of humans in the IT industry has had to transform too, perhaps none more than the CIO, Chief Information/IT Officer.

A decade ago, a CIO could have their role and business focus dictated to them by their preferred IT OEM. The OEM would suggest what the future holds and politely pressure CIO’s to fall in-line. There was a saying that went “nobody gets fired for buying xxx” (a well-known OEM). This phrase demonstrates the influence the OEM’s truly had. Now, however, things are remarkably different.

It seems the tables have turned. CIO’s have become entrepreneurs, demanding innovation, efficiency and scale. Instead of “IT” being a cost center it is a has become an instrument to drive their company’s future. A CIO must constantly innovate and drive efficiencies which disrupts their own business for good. They must constantly innovate to help differentiate their company’s offerings from others and to gain the competitive advantage.

The variables that are in play in this space are almost infinite: the words ‘cloud’, ‘mobile’ ‘disruptive’, ‘scale’, ‘cost efficiency’ and ‘security’ are all words that have taken on bigger meanings. They take all of this into consideration and come up with a road map for the future. This road map may include traditional offerings for the existing channel, but it may include offerings that are not conducive to an OEM’s go-to market. Hence a gap.

This gap is where Procurri fits in. We plug the gap in the IT channel between the OEM, channel and the CIO. Procurri offers solutions that are not traditional offerings from the OEM created channel. Concepts like ‘pre-owned hardware’, ‘efficient lifecycle support services’, ‘multi-brand solutions’, ‘data decommission services’, and ‘project life pricing’ start filling these gaps. This gives the CIO more tools to work which in turn helps their organization achieve their goals. Simply put, Procurri augments the traditional channel in a way that makes it easy for CIO’s to be more innovative by introducing offerings that speed up the IT evolution process.

CIO’s have evolved so the channel must continue to evolve. We created Procurri to help with this process. By staying channel focused, having global infrastructure and being a public entity, we have created an organization that ‘checks all the boxes’ to ensure trust, deliverability and credibility.