Half a century ago, Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, made a prediction known as ‘Moore’s Law’; that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit would double every two years. Astonishingly this has broadly held true for 50 years with latest generation processors claiming to have upwards of 20 Billion transistors.

As an aside, the number 1 Billion appears to be undermined in todays day and age, we hear it used so often. But to put it back into context it would take you (According to Google) 31 years, 251 days and 7 hours plus a little change to count from 1 to a Billion.

There is no debate that the technological developments in the last 50 years have been world-changing; but what’s in store for the next 50 – and will Moore’s Law still apply?

This is now up for debate as it seems, breakthrough technological developments are beginning to slow; lowering the pace that we’ve become so accustomed to. Recent studies have shown the development cycle to last 30 months rather than 24, which renders Moore’s Law halted, if not yet defunct.

Procurri’s ability to adapt to changes in the market to benefit our channel partners. Our global reach and international offices allow us to not just identify trends and innovations to monitor, track and work with them, but also to stay on the right side of market disruption and adapt our services to fit them.

If indeed Moore’s Law is coming to an end and a cooling off in the continued increases in compute power, there is potential opportunity to be had within the prolonged periods of time that technology may now take to advance. This could provide the freedom for a more sustainable approach to be taken with the assets that businesses already own; ‘sweating’ them out and using them for longer where previously they would have been retired and replaced.

Procurri slots neatly into the business-as-usual activities of our channel partners. The expert tech support teams offer on-demand support even on end-of-life and discontinued products, both over the phone, and, if required, in person on-site. This puts an end to the often brash business decisions made due to a lack of practical and tangible support – it doesn’t matter how old or how unusual IT equipment; it should still be used to the best of its ability for as long as possible in order to stay as sustainable as possible. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility is no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ for companies anymore; it’s a must!

The potential slowdown in compute power could lead organisations reviewing their IT hardware strategy, benefitting financially by depreciating assets over a longer time frame whilst freeing  time to incorporate further personal development training for their staff to get up to speed on either existing or planned future technology within the business. Markets moving fast isn’t always a positive thing and a slowed tempo may bring a breathing space that previously could not have been afforded.

No matter the pace of the market, Procurri will always strive to offer service to customers that is second-to-none. Our adaptability and flexibility will continue to set us apart from our competitors – because no matter what’s happening with technology, our customer remains our core.