Procurri is headquartered in Singapore, I am writing this in the US, but the team dealing with your IT enquiry or request could be anywhere in the world – there are 14 Procurri offices and 4 warehouses across Europe, APAC and the Americas.

Being a large business with a staff spread out may seem corporate, but there’s good reason for us to invest in our people far and wide.

Ensure a spread of expertise

Having offices across localities allows us to ensure that there are well qualified staff in all major OEM brands, so that no matter when you’re calling, you can speak to someone who has technical expertise and can give the best possible advice and support.

Offer localised specialist help where required

The beauty of geography is difference. Having a spread of Procurri staff across different regions means that we’re able to finesse and work with the cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies each area offers. What’s more, the legislation around data security, electronic disposal and the use of some systems (both hardware and software) may vary - local knowledge is key.

Speak in the language the customer needs

English remains the primary language of Procurri and is spoken in all our offices, but we recognise that it doesn’t work for everyone – especially when technical terms are being used heavily. Our staff are a talented bunch linguistically as well as in IT, so if a different language is needed, we’ll happily ask our staff to take over in their native tongues. Just ask!

Facilitate around-the-clock service

The sun goes down, but your IT systems certainly don’t! Procurri’s numerous international offices switch services between them as time zones change over to working hours, to maintain an ‘always on’ availability. Don’t wait until 9am the next morning to get in touch – you can contact Procurri and get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Celebrate diversity

We know that every company is different, and that’s why we offer entirely bespoke services tailored to each customer. No matter how old the systems, varied the requirements maybe or how unusual the requests, Procurri can assist – with seamless servicing and full end-to-end processes, it’ll feel like our global team are sitting on the next desk over!