Brexit rattles on and the uncertainty of who, what, where and when continues to cause concern throughout business in all sectors and of all shapes and sizes. Procurri have been long prepared for whatever the outcome of the UK’s exit from the European Union may be. We’re set to offer a seamless service no matter what happens to our customers in Great Britain AND in mainland Europe with the introduction of our new facility in Germany.

Procurri continues to strengthen our European presence with an exciting new hire to the team. We would like to welcome Anders Thordal who will be based in Denmark and working with the Procurri team at the German office.

Anders has over 11 years’ experience in international technical sales and has worked with businesses of all types. His hands-on approach sees him interact as much with on-site engineers and assistance staff as it does company CEOs and owners, and he’s a firm believer in the ‘bespoke service for each customer’ mantra that Procurri strives to achieve.

Anders’ presence within the German Procurri team will help coach and develop our staff and product offerings in the region to further align, improve and adapt our European services. Procurri are able to offer our full portfolio of products within Europe - hardware, maintenance services and secure IT Asset Disposal solutions.

If you’d like to investigate more into how our German facilities could help serve your business with its IT requirements, no matter where you are in the UK, Germany or elsewhere in Europe, get in touch: we’re multi-skilled, multi-lingual and always willing to adapt and help.

Welcome to the team Anders!


For more information, please contact Anders  on : +45 30153642