IR4, or Industry 4.0 as it is known, is the current era of industrial revolution that the world sits in – a world of automation and efficiency. The first industrial revolution saw mechanisation through steam and water, the introduction of electricity and the ability for mass production (as was considered ‘mass’ then) into the second, and the adoption of computing in the third.

The fourth industrial revolution harnesses all of the automated power of the third but improves and enhances it using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate systems and learn from behaviours, efficiencies and experience.

The world is in the throes of IR4, but the truth is that lots of businesses are still sitting in the third: using computers and a degree of automation but not optimising their use and not installing all of the possible efficiencies within their processes. This is demonstrated brilliantly best perhaps by the retail sector – where Amazon and Uber flourish as a result of building on machine-based learning, but traditional retailers struggling to keep up such as M&S and Debenhams begin to wane.

Here at Procurri, we’re not just embracing IR4; we’re facilitating others working within it, too. It’s not easy to rely on automated manufacturing when you simply don’t have the tools to do so, which is exactly where Procurri comes in. With 14 offices and 6 warehouses spanning 3 continents, our infrastructure enables us to offer out optimised fulfilment to customers, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing and whatever they need.

IR4 is moving at an unprecedented speed, so it’s important to remain agile and work with it, not against it – and not wait too long to do so. Market analysts estimate investments into IR4 to total up to $646 BILLION since 2012 so there’s no surprise things are improving day-on-day, hour-on-hour.

IR4 Automation and Optimisation: Hardware Fulfilment

As soon as they’re requested, custom configured systems, performance and capacity upgrades and spare parts can be dispatched and delivered. There’s no need for customers to manage their own warehouses or distribution with limited resources, and for added efficiency, everything can be done using the single point of Procurri contact!

IR4 Automation and Optimisation: Predicting Issues and Failures

Procurri’s Vendor-Owned Inventory works on intelligent computing algorithms to monitor your company’s IT systems and performance and can offer suggestions for hardware replacements, workarounds and efficiencies to avoid any downtime. What’s more, should any spare parts be required, they can be ordered from localised stock holdings and dispatched quickly within a stringent SLA.

IR4 Automation and Optimisation: Bespoke SLAs

There are some areas of your business that can work at a lowered performance level and some that can’t – and shouldn’t. Procurri understand this and as a result, your SLAs will be agreed upfront and tailored to your business. The flexibility in this approach embraces every business as an individual and works with their idiosyncrasies rather than against them.

These are just a few examples of Procurri’s forward-thinking and ever-evolving customer offering, aimed at making things as easy and efficient as possible for companies to operate. It’s impossible to stay on top of everything and give constant updates without a rolling feed – because IR4, and our services as a result, are constantly changing and continuously improving! If you’re seeking to implement a cycle of change and improvement within your business to lead by example in your sector and surprise and delight your customers with streamlining and efficiency, the Procurri team are always on-hand to discuss and work with, and for, you.